What Is Chordec?

Chordec is chord detection technology for extracting chords from an audio file or even a microphone. It's like a reverse engineering for a song.

Automatic Chord Extraction

Chordec extracts chords automatically from a song when you open it from your iTunes library. The Chordec places the chords to the corresponding time position in the audio file so that you can play along with the song. You don't need to worry about the rocket science behind, it just works.

Chord Diagrams

Not only does Chordec show you the chords in a song, but also how to play them. Chordec in Guitar Master app supports 70 tuning modes including Dropped Tunings, Open Tunings and so on. No matter what tunings are you using, Chordec always shows you how to play chords in a song.


What if a song is written in key of Ab, but you want to play it in G, or the vocal is too high for you to sing therefore you want to transpose it down a whole step. Transposition feature in Chordec Player allows you to transpose any songs to any keys without changing the tempo of the song.

Tempo Changing

Imagine you are practicing along with a song, but the tempo of the song is too fast for you to follow. The time stretching engine in the Chordec helps you to slow down the tempo of the song without affecting its pitch. You can always practice along with the solos at a comfortable pace.

Live Detection

Not only does Chordec extract chords from an audio file, but also from the microphone. If you are participating a live concert, or hearing a new song in supermarket, Live Detection feature in Chordec shows you which key does the song use, extracts the chords and saves them into a Chord Set.

Key Finder

Congratulations if you can identify the correct key after hearing it, because the researchers estimate the occurrence of absolute pitch to be 1 in 10,000 people!
Most of people, like me, only have relative pitch. I can easily figure out the relationship of the chords, for example, I V vi. But I don't know which key of the song is using. The Chordec does not only show you the chords, but also puts them into the circle of fifths and tells you which key does the song use.

Alright, here is a video demo shows you how to use Chordec in the Guitar Master App.