The major and minor scales in C are generally among the first things you'll learn, regardless of your instrument. You may well then afterwards progress onto other scales, say the Db Major Scale or the C# Harmonic Minor Scale. Now everyone knows that C# and Db constitute the same black key on the Piano - they are in all harmonic senses the same note, but curiously called different names. In the case of chords, we similarly would label the constituent notes of a Db major chord as (Db, F, Ab) instead of (C#, F, G#). The question arises then, as Read More →

You may have already noticed that we've introduced Jam Player as one of our new Chord Set features. Some of you are probably already experts! Others may be a little confused. Let's talk more about Jam Player. How did we come up with this idea and what led to the design? Well, if you visit YouTube to learn new songs, you may find that most videos fall broadly into one of two categories: teachers with instructional videos or someone playing through the piece from beginning to end. Indeed, there are creative concepts floating around the web which engage your attention Read More →