Pro Metronome 3.12 Released

Our Pro Metronome app has been available for three years now. Of those three, it's enjoyed two years as the leading metronome app on the App Store. As of today, it's received over 4 million downloads and over 50,000 musicians use it every day, amounting to an average of 4.7 million times per month. We receive an enormous amount of positive feedback and are delighted that our creation is directly helping musicians.

Pro Metronome is been used 4.7 million times per month

In the early 1.x version, we made Pro Metronome for the humble purpose of helping musicians keep time. It was the most accurate metronome on the App Store and the first to use sensory aids such as vibration and LED flash to assist timekeeping. For the 2.x version, we got creative. We introduced subdivisions, playlists and other new features to help people learn more advanced rhythms. Soon after 2.x was released, we became the highest-ranked metronome in the App Store. For 3.0, we rolled out the Polyrhythm function. Drummers loved it! We also allowed users to improve their own 'inner metronome' with our Rhythm Trainer function. In this, users select beats in the bar to be ommitted, training themselves to mentally anticipate the missing beat.

3 versions of Pro Metronome

While other competitors are content only with racking up their download figures, we actively aim to help our users along, to increase their confidence and assist with making them better-rounded, 'in the pocket' musicians.

So, let's talk about the new version. In 3.12, we focus on three major things:

  1. Perfect timing
  2. Practice Mode
  3. Stage Mode

Perfect Timing

When testing the previous version of Pro Metronome on different devices simultaenously, we noticed that the older iPod touch 4 would gradually fall out of sync. We output the audio buffer, tested it on a computer with professional tools and found that the data had the same problem. We realised this issue was caused by audio hardware and used realtime calibration to correct the audio. As a result, the 3.12 version Pro Metronome is even more accurate. You can use it as the reference tempo while recording yourself playing an instrument. The recording can then be imported to your DAW software without having to worry about matching up the tempo. Using any other app, you would have to slice your audio file to fix the timing problem. We tested the metronomes one the App store. All apps tested on 123 BPM for around 5 minutes(~150 bars). The test result shown below.

Metronome Test

Practice Mode

If you're a drummer, you'll love this feature. Practice Mode has two modes of use, both of which automatically change the tempo for you. We would like to thank our user Ben Norris who helps us on designing this feature.

Pro Metronome Practice Mode

Warmup Mode

Our new mode allows for a gradual warm up to your target speed. Let's say that your target tempo for the session is 180 BPM. Assuming that you're not at least in some part robotic, you'll probably want to warm up gently, starting at say, 0.5x of the tempo – 90 BPM. After five minutes, the speed increases automatically to 0.75x of the tempo – in this case 135 BPM. Finally, once the blood is flowing and your fingers have loosened up, the speed is stepped up to your target tempo of 180 BPM.

Pro Metronome - Warmup

Automator Mode

Automator mode serves another purpose. You're practicing a new rhythm lasting four bars. To keep your technique intact, you want to start at a slower tempo and work slowly up. You play the rhythm through three times and stop one bar for a short rest. After that, the tempo is increased by 10 BPM. This repeats over and over until you hit your target tempo. Fully customisable, this feature allows you to easily set up your routine. Input your starting and target speed along with the amount of speed-increases you desire and Automator will automatically break down your practice session into multiple segments.

Pro Metronome - Automator

Stage Mode

Do you use a metronome on stage? This is a pretty wide debate. Some musicians believe the tempo of the song is an integral elastic dimension of the live experience, and should be steered only by the musicians themselves. Others however, take measures to ensure perfect tempo while they perform. Regardless of which side you stand on, you can benefit from the new Stage Mode feature in Pro Metronome.

Jump into Stage Mode. The amount of information on the user interface will be reduced to minimise distraction. The tempo presets will be laid out bold and clear. Simply tap a song in the preset list to get a clear indication of the tempo and beat of the next song.

Pro Metronome - Stage Mode

If you'd rather play without a metronome, you'll benefit from our Auto Stop function. Turning it on will automatically stop the metronome after playing a measure of bars that you decide. This can be a lifesaver if you've just finished one song and simply need a short, precise reminder of the next song's tempo. You don't necessarily need a click for the whole song.

If you want to play along with the metronome, that's easy too. Just turn off the Auto Stop feature by tapping "-" until "Nonstop" is displayed.

We understand that stage performance is a nerve-racking affair. When Stage Mode is activated, Pro Metronome won't display any popups to disturb or distract you. All other functions within the app are automatically disabled to increase reliability.

Alright folks, so those are the major updates in version 3.12. We hope you'll love Pro Metronome as much as we do. You may have sent us feedback which hasn't been addressed in this update. For that we apologise, we have a long to-do list in order to make our user experience the best it can be, and prioritising is a sad reality. Your feedback may well be considered in the next version. As always, we appreciate your feedback and general comments, so feel free to drop us a line anytime at: