Happy days people! As you may have seen coming, Pro Metronome finally supports both iOS and Android. What's more, you can now share playlists across different platforms! So regardless of whether they have an iPhone or a Samsung, every member in your band can be happily kept up to date with the newest band playlists. How to share songs on iOS: Enter settings interface of current playlist by tapping the "Zoom" button Tap "Edit" to enter edit mode Select songs you'd like to share Tap "Share" and select the "Link" option Share as tweet, email, or just copy and save Read More →

You may have already noticed that we've introduced Jam Player as one of our new Chord Set features. Some of you are probably already experts! Others may be a little confused. Let's talk more about Jam Player. How did we come up with this idea and what led to the design? Well, if you visit YouTube to learn new songs, you may find that most videos fall broadly into one of two categories: teachers with instructional videos or someone playing through the piece from beginning to end. Indeed, there are creative concepts floating around the web which engage your attention Read More →

Pro Metronome will support Apple Watch in the version 3.13. Please stay in tune :-) Read More →

Did you know that a vast amount of songs are written with the same or similar chord progressions? One needs only to sequence a few chords together to unlock literally thousands of different songs. Observe for yourself how many hits are played just with or around the 'Pachelbel Canon' chord progression. There are plenty of apps and other digital mediums to help people with chords, with varying success. There's no one-size-fits all solution, but our Chord Progression feature offers a new, interactive method which splits open the learning process. We've pioneered the Chord Progression feature in the Ukulele Toolkit app, Read More →

Hello there! Ever played or heard two songs and noticed they were melodically similar, despite sharing no 'common' chords? Well, the good thing is that you're not crazy. The chords don't need to be the same in order for two songs to sound identical, only their relationship. So let's turn our attention to the chord progression of two songs. The first being the dainty little ukulele song 'I'm yours' by Jason Mraz and the second, 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train. Notice anything? The progression is exactly is the same. Even though the tempo and vocal melodies may be different, the Read More →