insTuner 2.0 for MAC

Today we released insTuner 2.0 to the Mac App Store. In this major update:

  1. We updated the UI to make the tuning result more clear.
  2. Added Fine-tuning mode.
  3. Added Historical curve tuning mode.

insTuner three tuning modes

Before we releasing this version, we have two options for its price. The one is we increase the price. The other one is we use IAP. We chose the second one.

We believe the quick tuning mode is clear and intuitive enough for most of people. They can pick up their musical instrument and tune it in no time. If they play instrument not for recording or producing, quick tuning mode is good enough.

Today we decided to offer quick tuning mode for free. By doing so, we wish we could help more people to learn music.

To get the insTuner, simply search it in the Mac App Store or App Store.
Or download it from here: Download insTuner