How to use Jam Player in your way

You may have already noticed that we've introduced Jam Player as one of our new Chord Set features. Some of you are probably already experts! Others may be a little confused. Let's talk more about Jam Player.

How did we come up with this idea and what led to the design? Well, if you visit YouTube to learn new songs, you may find that most videos fall broadly into one of two categories: teachers with instructional videos or someone playing through the piece from beginning to end.

Indeed, there are creative concepts floating around the web which engage your attention in novel ways. Take this instructional video for Someone Like You, for example.

One also finds somewhat zanier videos on YouTube. Check out this minimalist video of a looped 100 BPM rhythm which has clocked over 100,000 views!

What we've gathered from all this is that people learn most efficiently when the subject matter is presented in a simple, non-convoluted way.

We sat down for a while at HQ and addressed some issues regarding instrument learning.

  1. Advanced performers need a reliable, programmable backdrop for jamming, solo and fingering practice.

  2. Visual aids like chord reminders can help you along until you know the song from memory.

  3. Rhythm and strumming patterns are extremely important, wouldn't it be just wonderful if we came up with a way to practice those too? :)

  4. Those who aim to sing while playing would benefit from both tablature and lyrics being displayed. There's no wonder why so many people use

So, how did we design Jam Player to fit all your needs?

Solo or Jamming practice

You already know that EUMLab rolled out its brand new Chord Set feature in Ukulele Toolkit 3.2, which allows you to easily create your own Chord Sets. If you missed that one, learn more about it in our previous post here: Introducing the new Chord Set feature in Ukulele Toolkit 3.2.

Once you have a chord progression, tap the play button to hear the preview!

Switching to the Scale tab allows you to view numerous scales, from your everyday majors and minors all the way to exotic Byzantine scales!


Rotate the device to launch the horizontal view. Tada!

Chords Reminder

Are there any ways to be reminded of the next chord when practicing or performing? Of course! Tap the Expand button to enter this mode on Jam Player!

Want to mute the Ukulele Track?
Want to transpose, say I'm Yours up from the key of B to C?
Don't like the style and wish to create one of your own?

Jam player accommodates for all of this!


Strumming Practice

So you've found a style you want, but still don't know how to strum it? Simply go to Settings and enable Display Strumming Pattern under Jam Player.

You'll find the strumming pattern is now displayed. Happy practicing!


Follow lyrics and chords

Jam Player has a number of uses and we designed it specifically with the practicing musician in mind, creating features that we personally found useful.

Due to copyright issues however we sadly can't provide lyrics or chords at the moment. Don't panic just yet, we're still trying to work out how we can get around the red tape.

Nevertheless, have you tried our other app iUke? We've solved this copyright problem in iUke and you'll find the performing, learning and recording experience simply gorgeous! Although the quantity of songs could be better, the app is still well worth its price.

You may also ask, why can't we just input the lyrics ourselves? Well, we're working at this very moment to make that possible. Stay in tune:)


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