Guitar Master 3.0 is available on App Store

Since the addition of the Ukulele Toolkit’s new Chord Set feature in the last update, we've received many 5 star ratings on the App Store. Thanks to the hard work of our engineers and designers, Guitar Master 3.0 has finally come abroad with two exciting new upgrades; the optimized Chord Set feature and the updated Chord Camp! What's more, we’ve posted a free trial code at the end of this article!

Newly added Chord Set Feature

We have been optimizing the Chord Set feature since the release of Ukulele Toolkit, and it has now been integrated into Guitar Master. You can now play and sing in the easiest way, combine and generate thousands of playback styles, export your Chord Set into a song, and share with your friends.

Want to learn more about the Chord Set feature? Why not check out our previous blog to learn how to create a Chord Set in minutes!
Introducing the new Chord Set feature in Ukulele Toolkit 3.2

Amazing Chord Camp Service

We've upgraded the Chord Camp service and integrated it into the new Guitar Master 3.0. Now you can share and search for other's Chord Sets in the easiest way!

Chordec - Shazam for musicians

The Chord Camp service wouldn't be complete if you could only create and share Chord Sets. Now Chord Camp also heralds our newly integrated prized Chordec technology. Using simple detection from your microphone or audio files, chords and key signatures can be extracted from the music of your choice. These files are then fully modifiable; you can transpose a song's key without altering the tempo, or conversely slow down the audio and play along with the song without changing the pitch.

Are you having trouble hitting that high note in Bb? No problem! Chordec supports one-button key signature modification. You can change the key to G with only a push of a button!

Learn more about Chordec at our blog: What is Chordec.

Jam Player - Revolutionize the practicing experience

Our Jam Player, Track Player, and Chordec Player make your practice sessions engaging and even fun! Not only can you change the tempo and key of a Chord Set, but you can experiment with a number of different playback styles. There are even different displays for you to tinker around with!

With Jam Player, you can:

  1. Change the Key.
  2. Change the tempo.
  3. Change playback styles.
  4. Mute individual instruments.

Learn more about how Jam Player works in our blog: How to use Jam Player in your way.

Sharing Has Never Been Easier

You can also export Chord Sets and share them easily with others. Are you a music educator? Instead of working through tedious chord sheets, your students can now learn using playable and interactive Chord Sets which they can alter and slow down if need be.

Other Updates

  1. We've added two modes to the Tuner function: Automatic and Manual.
  2. We've added more strumming patterns.
  3. We've added more drum loops patterns.
  4. We've added more chord progressions within Chord Sets.
  5. We now display precise fingering of chords.
  6. We've added more degrees of customization in Settings.
  7. You can now pin your favorite Chord Sets to your iPhone's Notification Center.
  8. We've introduced a User System which allows you to backup Chord Sets and System Settings at anytime.
  9. We now support Apple Watch.
  10. We've updated the User Interface.
  11. The app has been optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  12. We've fixed some bugs found in the previous version.
  13. We've added more functional improvements for you to explore.

Redeem Code!

In order for everyone have a chance to try Chord Camp, we are offering a free 1-month trail! Redeem Link

Need to know how to redeem the code? There are two ways of doing so:

a. Scan QR Code to upgrade!

  1. Download Guitar Master.
  2. Register or log in for your Chord Camp account.
  3. Use the QR Scanner inside Guitar Master to scan the QR Code above!

b. Open the Redeem Link to upgrade!

  1. Open the Redeem Link.
  2. Follow the instructions to log in or register for your Chord Camp account and get upgraded immediately.
  3. Download the Guitar Master App and log in to enjoy pro access!

Guitar Master is available On App Store!
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