Shawn Xiao

Pro Metronome will support Apple Watch in the version 3.13. Please stay in tune :-) Read More →

Did you know that a vast amount of songs are written with the same or similar chord progressions? One needs only to sequence a few chords together to unlock literally thousands of different songs. Observe for yourself how many hits are played just with or around the 'Pachelbel Canon' chord progression. There are plenty of apps and other digital mediums to help people with chords, with varying success. There's no one-size-fits all solution, but our Chord Progression feature offers a new, interactive method which splits open the learning process. We've pioneered the Chord Progression feature in the Ukulele Toolkit app, Read More →

Our Pro Metronome app has been available for three years now. Of those three, it's enjoyed two years as the leading metronome app on the App Store. As of today, it's received over 4 million downloads and over 50,000 musicians use it every day, amounting to an average of 4.7 million times per month. We receive an enormous amount of positive feedback and are delighted that our creation is directly helping musicians. In the early 1.x version, we made Pro Metronome for the humble purpose of helping musicians keep time. It was the most accurate metronome on Read More →

Thanks to all our users, insTuner is now ranked #1 in music category, and #10 in top free of the Mac App Store. Download insTuner Read More →

Today we released insTuner 2.0 to the Mac App Store. In this major update: We updated the UI to make the tuning result more clear. Added Fine-tuning mode. Added Historical curve tuning mode. Before we releasing this version, we have two options for its price. The one is we increase the price. The other one is we use IAP. We chose the second one. We believe the quick tuning mode is clear and intuitive enough for most of people. They can pick up their musical instrument and tune it in no time. If they play instrument not for recording Read More →