Since adding the Historical Tuning Unit in our last update, insTuner now boasts a roster of six separate Tuning Units. Two questions arise; why did we design so many tuning interfaces and which are the best for certain situations? Let's take a look in a little detail. Fine-Tuning Unit For those more savvy users who won't be fraught by terms like frequency or temperaments. The Fine-Tuning Unit provides an interface accurate to 0.1 cent and is geared for those wanting to optimise their tuning parameters. An octave for example, can be divided into 1200 cents. Instant-Tuning Unit A no-nonsense Read More →

Since the addition of the Ukulele Toolkit’s new Chord Set feature in the last update, we've received many 5 star ratings on the App Store. Thanks to the hard work of our engineers and designers, Guitar Master 3.0 has finally come abroad with two exciting new upgrades; the optimized Chord Set feature and the updated Chord Camp! What's more, we’ve posted a free trial code at the end of this article! Newly added Chord Set Feature We have been optimizing the Chord Set feature since the release of Ukulele Toolkit, and it has now been integrated into Read More →

Hey folks, So in this series we're going to be examining five ways to improve or otherwise broaden your ukulele playing. These will be tackled thematically, where we'll go into some detail as to how you can experiment with certain things you may not have been aware of. The idea is that you'll gradually add more and more strings to your bow. First up is the theme of tuning, which can range from an unimportant physical aspect of the instrument, to something you can tinker around with to create new and exciting sounds. At the risk of sounding somewhat gender-biased, Read More →

The major and minor scales in C are generally among the first things you'll learn, regardless of your instrument. You may well then afterwards progress onto other scales, say the Db Major Scale or the C# Harmonic Minor Scale. Now everyone knows that C# and Db constitute the same black key on the Piano - they are in all harmonic senses the same note, but curiously called different names. In the case of chords, we similarly would label the constituent notes of a Db major chord as (Db, F, Ab) instead of (C#, F, G#). The question arises then, as Read More →

Apple have lowered the drawbridge and their maiden wearable device – the Apple Watch is now available to preorder. This undoubtedly has hordes of Apple fans over the world rabid in expectation. Truth be told we're pretty excited too, as we've been busy in our lair devising the world's first wearable device for musicians. Good people, let us introduce you to our latest labour of love – Pro Metronome for Apple Watch. So what's it all about then? Well, broadly speaking, the Watch provides an export of Pro Metronome functionality without the bother of dealing with a handheld device. Why is this Read More →